Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Scientists have found that application of a poly-herbal ointment with chickpeas as its base can effectively treat Leukoderma." We used lot of things to cure Leukoderma, but never been successful in curing this disease. This time we are curing patients by putting chickpea ointment on their affected areas. We also recommend the patients to consume lot of chickpeas in their regular diet too," said S.N. Ojha, one of the doctors. Amino acids found in chickpeas promote synthesis of melanin (skin pigment) formation cells, regenerate the pigment cells and help treat the chronic skin disorder." When we took up this project, we followed the Ayurvedic methodology to prepare an ointment to cure this disease. In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that chickpea can cure the problem of Leukoderma. The ointment made out of chickpea protein is very effective on patients suffering from Leukoderma," said Yamini Bhushan Tripathi, a scientist at the Medicinal Chemistry Department of BHU.

Some people have suggested that black chickpeas are the best.
Here's a picture of black chickpeas (known as kala chana in India). They looks like stones!


  1. how to make ointment made of chickpea or i can purchase it.help me.

  2. Hi. I had a look on the internet and found a few sites where they recommended black chickpea (kala chana in Hindi) ointment for general skin care (not just for vitiligo). It seems it is an old remedy in India.
    The sites said to grind the black chickpeas into a powder and mix with a little sandalwood paste and rosewater (normal water would be OK too) to form a paste, then apply to the skin. Probably best time to apply is before going to bed.
    Some Indian shops might have chickpea flour you could use. Some sites were calling the peas "dal" but that is a lentil, and is different to black chickpeas. Maybe dal paste has some benefits too, but the scientific study used chickpeas not dal.
    Sandalwood is traditionally used to heal the skin, but I'm not sure if they used that in the study. Make sure the sandalwood is genuine if you use it. Better to leave it out if it is some fake stuff with chemical perfume in it, which might do more harm than good.
    I imagine that the finer the peas are ground, the more easily absorbed the amino acids into the skin. Cooking the peas might break down the beneficial compounds (not sure on that one).
    You might find a ready-made ointment at an Ayurvedic store. Have a search online. Make sure they are reputable.
    I will update the post with a photo of black chickpeas so as to avoid confusion with other pulses.

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  5. Hi, Thanks for the details. do you know where I can get the herbal ointment with chick peas as the main ingredient? If so please do let me know