Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Botanical Picrorhiza

Picrorhiza, in preliminary research and in combination with the drug methoxsalen and sun exposure, was reported to hasten recovery in people with vitiligo, compared to using methoxsalen and sun exposure alone. Picrorhiza kurroa, an Ayurvedic herb, may potentiate photochemotherapy in vitiligo.


  1. Picrorrhiza also known as Kutki is excellent as a liver tonic. My naturopath told me that 90% of things we ingest have to be metabolised by the liver, including fat. So a healthy liver is very good for health she said. For your readers in USA, we purchase our Picrorrhiza at:

  2. Thanks for that info. Keeping the liver healthy is vitally important for the skin, and the entire body. It is said,"we live as long as our liver allows".